Welcome to Windsor Learning Academy's Daycare and Preschool in Tampa!

We also offer K-12 grade classes, please visit the site here.

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At Windsor Academy we understand that a child's education is of utmost importance. We believe that through a stimulating learning environment, children can develop in fundamental ways that are essential for shaping their future. As early as infants, children are able to absorb a great amount of knowledge through interactions with other children and teachers. We have established a learning environment for infants six weeks and older through preschoolers four years old, that focuses on developing their abilities as young learners. We are more than just a daycare; we are a team of educators with your child's best interest in mind. Here at Windsor Learning Academy, you can be confident in your daycare decision.

VPK registration is now open, and applications are being accepted.

We are currently offering weekly specials for new parents.

Please call Miss Tammy for more information. (813) 885-3424 or (813) 243-1911

We look forward to meeting you and your child!