About Windsor Learning Academy's Elementary through High School Programs

This year we are celebrating over nineteen years as a successful private Elementary through High School program! We serve as both a private childcare provider at our Hanley Road location, and private elementary through high school at our Memorial Highway location. Our mission is to ensure that every child receives the love and attention they deserve during their developing years. By incorporating our small class sizes with a well developed educational curriculum, we are encouraging all of our children to grow and learn to their highest potential. Our education team has worked together for many years, and we all coordinate with one another to make sure each child’s needs are met. All of our staff are fully qualified and have had many years of experience teaching. We all strive to bring out the best qualities in each student, and help them improve upon areas that they may require additional help with.

Our Promise to you

We understand that a student’s education forms the framework for their future. We establish positive relationships with our staff, students, and parents to make sure that learning is an enjoyable experience for all. We provide learning opportunities throughout the day that are engaging and meaningful. It is important to us that our students are exposed to a variety of experiences that enhance their knowledge during a variety of times during the day. Learning does not stop here, it is a continual process that builds upon each new experience; both inside our school and at home.